Japanese Language School announces a beginners JLPT - N5 batch starting from 14th of January 2023. Every Saturday and Sunday for 2 Hours . Call us on 9900680970 to reserve your seat.
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About us

The Japanese Language School (“JLS”) established in 1984, is the first organized Japanese language institute in Bangalore. The basic and advanced programmes of the school were put together by late H. Ganesh, a Japanese teacher, Japan expert and educator of great repute. It was his idea to develop a Japanese language syllabus exclusively for the Indian student, using Indian language fundamentals. As he had noted, “Japanese, fortunately, is not the world’s most difficult language, especially for an Indian. The myth about its complexity may be attributed to the Japanese themselves, who find it rather difficult to learn foreign languages – With Japanese, the pronunciation is relatively easy, and the grammar is akin to that of most Indian languages. But what makes Japanese apparently complicated is that, as a language, its vocabulary is naturally different from any Indian/European language.”

Teaching Programs

    Basic Conversation course

    JLPT N5/Beginner

    JLPT N4/Intermediate-I

    JLPT N3/Intermediate-II

    JLPT N2-Advanced

Corporate Programs

JLS also undertakes in-house teaching programmes for Corporate groups of 12-15. Many reputed corporations have been availing of this facility, in addition to deputing their staff members to the school for regular classes.


I was very keen on learning Japanese language as I liked their culture, traditions and their unique way of life. Since I was working I didn’t have time to concentrate on it , but after I retired I took some time to decide whether to venture into or not , but once I met Mrs Lata sensei at JLS her words we’re very motivating and boost my confidence and morale .


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