Director Speak

The history of the Japanese Language School (”JLS”) is testament of the vision of its founder, the late H. Ganesh.
In 1965, when India was ensconced in an insular five year business planning cycle, and foreign investment and foreign private business collaboration was virtually non-existent, he decided to learn Japanese. The decision, partially based on a love for the amazing art and culture of Japan, was also based on the faith he saw in the people of Japan – a hard working, resilient, respectful and innovative society, who were making rapid strides in development and innovation after the devastation of the war.

His decision to learn the language led to a 4 year posting in Japan, and on his return, he felt that it was the right time to spread Japanese language and culture in India, and especially Bangalore. This was in the year 1984, prior to economic liberalization in India and before the IT boom made Indian companies seek Japanese clientele. The idea was to get Indians tounderstand and appreciate the language and culture of Japan, as he believed that this would help open doors to the people of India, just as it had done for him.
Over the last 35 years, the JLS has educated over twenty thousand students and is the synonym of quality Japanese language and cultural development.
JLS has been established on the basis of a set of values, which they aim to deliver to their students with a customer first mentality. They are to deliver quality training for individuals or corporate clients using customized and creative plans. This would allow JLS to inspire, motivate and mentor the intellectual curiosity of the students, right from traditional arts to high level Japanese technology.
The current faculties at JLS are trained and qualified educators who share a passion for teaching. They have lived in Japan and are well versed with Japanese culture, the subtle but critical nuances of the Japanese people, and etiquette and behavioural norms in business and social set up. This allows the students to learn the language with a depth that is usually reserved for people who have lived and worked in Japan for a long term. Their dedication and sincerity fuels the Joy of learning!
JLS is located in RT Nagar in Bangalore, which is easily accessible from all parts of the city.
Classrooms are bright and provide a very conducive atmosphere for learning. Audio Visual systems and tools are provided for developing conversation and listening skills. Customized lesson with suitable textbooks, worksheets and CDs provide a holistic learning experience for the eager student.
We wish you all the best in your journey to discover the language and culture of Japan, and in the process, achieve greater self realization for yourself and success for your business.