Other Services

Other Services

Cross-Cultural Awareness Training Services:

Japanese Language School conducts training for company-sponsored candidates in behavioural norms and cultural sensitivities required for their dealing with the Japanese.

Discovering Japan- includes an introduction to Japan with basic facts and information, the history of Japan, the Japanese people, the Japanese government and economic policy, business with the Japanese, the social side of Japan, Do’s and Don’ts of Japan etc, which is ideal for your Japan-going staff. 

Dealing with Japan- includes an in-depth study into business etiquette in Japan, specific training to negotiate with the Japanese, including selecting your team, preparation required, concluding deals and follow-up.

Placement Services:

Japanese Language School provides placement services to corporate clients to identify the ideal candidates with Japanese language proficiency in different domains.

English And Kannada Language Courses:

For Japanese and their families, we offer English and Kannada language courses designed to suit their levels of mastery. This programme has been especially effective, since Japanese language is used as the medium of teaching. The teaching is conducted either on an individual basis or in Groups.

English and Kannada Language courses are also offered to others who wish to learn and improve their language skills.

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