Interpretation Services

JLS provides interpretation services ranging from Board Room level negotiations to shop floor discussions. JLS has experienced Interpreters who have served in various organizations in different domains.
JLS can provide interpretation services in the following fields




Machine Installation



Cultural programmes


Interpretation service is offered from Japanese to English, Kannada, Hindi and Tamil.
We can provide interpreters for a few hours to several months. Our interpreters will ensure that the planned schedule is adhered to resulting in considerable savings in terms of time and money. If required the interpreters can coordinate with the foreign visitors to make their stay as comfortable as possible so that they provide their best to the client.

Partial Client List

Sonata Software Limited
Sonotec Co., Ltd.
Kanetec Co., Ltd
Guru & Jana Charted Accountants
Eduwork International Services Pvt. Ltd.
Ariba Tech. India Pvt. Ltd.
Pragati Automation Pvt. Ltd.
Komatsu India Pvt. Ltd.
Markelytics Solutions India Private Limited
Standard Chartered Global Business Services Pvt. Ltd.

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