I have joined the JLPT N2 class from January 2019. Due to systematic study approach taken by Lata sensei and due to taking us thru various study material, my vocabulary is improved and  I am able to read many more kanjis and understand the meaning of many more words after 5 months os study. I also understand grammar better than before. One major thing that I have made improvement is dokkai, i.e reading comprehension. Reading kanji and words in isolation is one thing but understanding their meaning when you encounter the word in a sentence,is what that matters. For that, I am hugely thankful to Lata Sensei that she understood what we need and what we need to stress upon to improve our understanding of the Japanese language.

Santu Ghosh

N2 Student
Collabera Technologies

Japanese is one of the top most difficult languages in the world and I chose to learn it from the best. The language is taught here with a practical approach which not only focuses on JLPT but also to improve your conversational skills which is equally important. I have been associated with JLS for more than 5 years now; I have always gained much more from the courses than I anticipated. Lata Sensei teaches with humour and insight and the classes are never boring. I would highly recommend it 😊

Thanks and Regards


N2 Student

As someone who started my journey of learning the Japanese language quite a bit later in life, I finally decided to join JLS. I chose JLS primarily because of the great reviews I saw online and also because of the fact that it was one of the oldest known schools in Bangalore associated with teaching Japanese language. In addition the school is located well within city limits for someone like me, who works with an MNC.

The teachers at JLS have years of experience and certifications at JLPT N2 and or above. Many have been teaching and associated with JLS for years and have varied experience with training corporates and classroom students, in addition to providing translation services to corporates.

To me JLS is the best place in Bangalore to learn from given the wealth of experience and knowledge that this school can offer. The learning method suits people from all walks of life – school students to, I recall a student at 70 years of age, now teaching other students!

I strongly recommend JLS for anyone at any stage in their life to learn and know about Japan and their way of life in addition to the language.

Robin Brahmadevan

N3 student

It has been a wonderful learning experience at Japanese Language School. Teachers at JLS are highly skilled and are very helpful. They try to make lessons easy to understand and and enjoyable. The focus is not only on passing JLPT but also on students developing conversational skills. All the concerns are taken care of. The mock tests conducted by the institute really help in preparing for the exam. I am glad that I am a part of this institute. I would recommend JLS to everyone looking for good institute for JLPT preparation. Rest be assured you are in good hands!!!!!

Krutika Phadke

N4 Student

Learning at JLS has been great fun! The teaching methodologies adopted not only helps in developing your language skills in a step-up fashion but also thoroughly improves your conversational skills and reading comprehension. The revision classes and mock tests conducted will make you feel confident to face the JLPT exams! Teachers here go an extra mile to make sure that the courses here are not just to pass the exams but also to develop Japanese language skills that you can apply in the real world!

Dr Shashi

Ayurveda Consultant and Japanophile
N4 Student

For a senior citizen like me who does not travel much alone, when my daughter left me at JLS for seeking admission to JLPT N5 course, it was like the first day in school for a child.  But the homely ambience of JLS helped me to get over this insecurity.


During the past four months I have had the good fortune of studying under 2 excellent Senseis, Ms. Does Sengupta and Madhura sensei who are very supportive and very involved in the progress of the students. They take a lot of interest in explaining and ensure that we understand before proceeding. Madhura sensei is soft spoken. She spares no effort in explaining thoroughly, making us understand the nuances of the language, providing clear and unambiguous notes on the lessons, encouraging us to communicate in the language and boosting our confidence


Thanks to all the friendly staff of JLS.

Swarnam Subramanian

N5 Student.

I have been a student of JLS for the last couple of years. During my journey of learning this complex yet beautiful language, JLS has not only “taught” me the language, but in the true sense, empowered me with the knowledge and confidence to use the language with ease. As students of Japanese, it is a common tendency to hesitate and hold ourselves back in conversation. At JLS, I have witnessed students coming out of this shell so effortlessly, all thanks to the practical and innovative teaching methodology. Big “Shout out” to Lata Sensei, my Japanese is thanks to her. Definitely recommended if you’re in Bangalore. 


Regards and Cheers

Ramya Ramakrishnan

Dell Technologies
N2 Student

It was so nice to study here at JLS, I like the friendly atmosphere here and the fact the teachers are really close to the students.

Our Sensei Lata is enthusiastic and always went out her way to come up with creative and enjoyable lessons. In every instance she was able to teach us to extremely high standards.

Thanks so much for the great learning experience.

Varsha K Niranjan

N2 student

It was an exciting totally wonderful experience learning Japanese at JLS. I am glad I enrolled for the N5 course after much thought and we got a very good teacher like Madhura Ranade. Her teaching methods were excellent; she is always there to clear your doubts and very patient with us. I enjoyed every class that I attended and it was a pleasure interacting with people from all age groups in my batch. The study material provided was detailed, exhaustive and designed well. I am looking forward to continuing my journey with JLS pursuing more levels.

Srilatha Ramachandran

N5 Student

I never thought learning a new language would be so interesting, until I joined JLS N5 in January 2019!!!!.  Yes, initially I found it bit difficult in recognizing the alphabet and meaning of the sentence…….JLS teachers are skilled and their teaching method is excellent.  It is great pleasure to have teachers like Madura sensei.  I start with Niranjana sensei….Later joined Madura sensai, she is amazing teaching skill and individual attention.  She motivates students to converse in Japanese.

JLS is the place where there is no age restriction so we get to meet all age group, which is really a unique experience.

Padmini Kalghatgi

N5 batch

I have been learning Japanese for the last 1.5 years at Japanese Language School, and it has been a fantastic experience.

We have great teachers-competent and approachable. Most of the students are working professionals, and I have seen how the timings of the classes are decided, making sure that it is possible for everyone to attend consistently.

I’ve met plenty of interesting people, and made many friends. Most of all, I’m learning not just Japanese as a language, but as a Culture too.

Definitely recommend JLS to anyone who is serious about learning Japanese!

Thank you!

Dr. Sheerin Farahath

Columbia Asia, Yeshwantpur
N2 Student

Japanese is an easy language to love but really hard to learn! Luckily, I ended up at JLS. This is not just another “pass-the-exam” type course and the classes are interesting with elements of Japanese culture and etiquette discussed.  The teachers are friendly and do go out of their way to ensure that we understand the lesson. Senseis Niranjana and Madhura kept us engaged throughout and even encouraged us to speak in Japanese. They have an excellent teaching system and are constantly looking for feedback to improve. Altogether an enjoyable experience.

ありがとう ございます JLS!

Rajiv Nair

N5 Student
Socash India Pvt. Ltd.
(Manga and Anime おたく)

My name is Devesh Jain and am a student of JLS learning N5 Level, it’s been around 3 months since I joined the N5 level and proud to say that I have started reading hiragana and katakana.

Teachers (Sensei) in JLS are extremely knowledgeable and approachable to clarify the doubts.

They will guide us properly on what words to be used and what not to be used and how to deal with them in formal ways while interacting with Japanese colleagues or customers which is more important as Japanese are known for their respectfulness.

One good thing is some teachers (Sensei) are working with Japanese company and interacting with them day in & out and they can be the right guide for students like us.

Before joining JLS I was searching for other institutes as well and finally after seeing 2-3 institutes I joined JLS and now am happy that I have taken a right decision to join the JLS.


Solora Active Pharma Science
N5 Student

I was very keen on learning Japanese language as I liked their culture, traditions and their unique way of life. Since I was working I didn’t have time to concentrate on it , but after I retired  I took some time to decide whether to venture into or not , but once I met Mrs Lata sensei at JLS her words we’re very motivating and boost my confidence and morale .being a senior citizen I was a bit hesitant in the class , I became more comfortable by the way I was treated on par with other youngsters by the teachers here ( made me feel that age is just a number )…. it is not just a school it is like a family with commitment , from the bottom of my heart I take this opportunity to thank my teachers who have taught me till now. Mrs Niranjana sensei, Mrs.Geeta sensei and Mrs . Shrishti sensei, JLS is a house of knowledge and dedication; this is the best place in Bangalore to learn Japanese Language where you find teachers with commitment 



Department of Pension, Govt. of Karnataka
N5 batch


I have been studying in this institute from last one year. Study materials provided by the institute are really good which is difficult to find outside. There is lot of conversation sessions as well.

I’m a student of Lata Sensei who is highly experienced in this field.

Anand K

Tata Consultancy Services
N4 Student

When I was in my first class of Japanese language training, I was totally confused and had no confidence that I will learn this language. Now only 4 classes completed and I can read Japanese to a minimum extent and also I can write Japanese in both Hiragana and Katakana. It looks like a magic ! Geeta San gave us the confidence and the way the course is structured, we automatically get used to the language with ease. I don’t worry when I am stuck anywhere because Geeta San is always there to support me either in class or offline through mobile. Now I enjoy learning Japanaese and hope will master it one day with help of JLS. どうもありがとうございます ゲータ さん & JLS  !




The classes are well structured and easily broken down into understandable content. 

Adding to it, Geeta sensei’s way of teaching and energy in the class makes it even more interesting and easier to understand and learn. 



JLS is truly a magical place and I cannot give a higher recommendation. Its a place where I am able to recognize my true potential and the fact that the potential could be harnessed for optimum results ,it obviously has surprised people around me and moreover it has surprised me about my own ability ,I am rediscovering myself and I am loving it



Aspiring Translator

Individual attention to every student, study materials designed with special care, extremely good and dedicated trainers are the major strengths of JLS. Students at JLS get acquainted with Japanese culture and business etiquette along with getting trained for JLPT exams. After studying at JLS for more than two years, I feel fortunate that I chose JLS.

Seema S. Hegde

Environmental Economics