Conversational Courses

Conversational Courses

The Basic programme is purely a spoken course designed to familiarize the students with phonetic, syntax, semantics and a vocabulary of about 1000 words. The program places special focus on grammatical, topical and situational subjects. Textbooks are supplemented by reading material, home assignments and CDs

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) :

JLPT Courses are recognized by the Japanese government and follow a specified syllabus as prescribed by them. These certificates are recognized world over as a measure of Japanese proficiency.

The simplest of these courses is the Basic course JLPT N5 which includes basic elements of grammar, a vocabulary of around 1000 words and 120 Kanji characters. After completion of this course, one is able to read and understand typical expressions and sentences written in Hiragana, Katakana and basic kanji and also can listen and comprehend basic conversations used in daily life.

After completion of this course, a student can take up the JLPT N4 course, which includes more advanced grammar, a vocabulary of around 1500 words and 350 Kanji characters. Students will be able to comprehend and participate in day-to-day conversation and write simple sentences in Japanese script. 

The JLPT N3 course is further more advanced and includes a vocabulary of around 4000 words and 700 Kanji characters. Students will be able to read and understand written materials with specific contents concerning everyday topics, is also able to grasp summary information like newspaper headlines, and is able to speak and comprehend coherent conversations in everyday situations spoken at near-natural speed.

The JLPT N2 course includes a vocabulary of 7000 words and 1200 Kanji characters. Students who successfully complete this course will have the ability to read, write and converse Japanese with relative ease, and even work in a Japanese business environment without difficulty. 

JLPT N1 is the most advanced course. This includes a vocabulary of 10,000 words and 2000 Kanji characters. This course assures the student a command over the language sufficient for all business dealings and language levels that even permit education at a Japanese University.

For Basic Conversation courses, JLS provides students with specially developed textbooks emphasizing more on conversation. Textbooks are supplemented by reading material, home assignments and CDs.

Role Plays are conducted to enhance the conversation skills. Periodic tests will be conducted. There will be a final assessment after completion of the Course.

Text Books are provided to the students for learning basic script, which is later followed by prescribed textbooks and CDs.

Each lesson covers reading, pronunciation, grammar, listening, writing, speaking and role-plays sessions on situational conversations. Periodic tests will be conducted. There will be a final assessment after completion of all the lessons of the each level. Each session will involve audio, video visual inputs and role-plays. The students will be trained for Japanese Language Proficiency Exam (JLPT), which is held twice a year in July and December.

Thanks to years of experience, JLS has created teaching methods that best suit students helping them to comprehend the language, understand the culture and to improve their communication skills . The faculty also guides the students at every stage to understand important Japanese customs and behaviour norms. Emphasis is given to all four aspects of learning any language namely reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Online training is offered to students all over the world for basic conversation courses as well as JLPT courses. Online training is suitable for students who are familiar with the script or those interested in improving or learning conversation.

Fast track programs for students who want to complete the course in shorter duration of time. This program is a customized one on one training program to suit the student’s requirements

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